New year, new permanent exhibition!

c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Silbersalz

The permanent exhibition redesigned


We have gradually been renovating the museum’s permanent exhibition through the winter months!

The Iceman area has now been fitted with new graphic designs. Some topics have been rearranged and expanded upon. By doing this we can now incorporate the latest research findings and make room for new, exciting artifacts from Ötzi’s epoch, the Copper Age.

It’s now easier to understand the facts with the help of additional explanatory videos and interviews featuring researchers and experts. Some topics include how Ötzi is preserved, what his flint tools reveal, or how Copper Age people masterfully crafted axe blades, birch pitch glue, or linden bast.

Visitors of all ages can now slip into the role of a researcher at our new interactive 3D-station and analyze the “Ötzi Murder Case” from the perspective of a pathologist and archaeologist.

A completely new section about glacier archaeology presents one-of-a-kind finds from South Tyrol. These make it clear that the Alps were not a barrier for people even at Ötzi’s time.


Photos: © South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Silbersalz

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