DIY II: Ötzi’s Fire Containers

(c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Do it yourself II: Ötzi’s Fire Containers

Workshops with Kids

Ötzi had two extremely light containers made of birch bark.
He kept glowing coals inside of them that were wrapped in fresh maple leaves. These kept the embers warm.
Ötzi could use them to start a new fire at his next resting place.

Would you also like to make a thermal box like this? To do so, you can solve an exciting jigsaw puzzle beforehand!


Fun, Games, and Education
Learn fun things about Ötzi and the museum and get creative with your children! Listen to sounds of the Stone Age, perform a shadow play, or make Ötzi’s hat. Not only will children and adults get crafting ideas, but both young and old will be able to learn impressive things about the Iceman once a month.


The Iceman’s birch bark container (c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Harald Wisthaler
Reconstructions of the birch bark container during the summer Archaeoweek (c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
Puzzle (c) Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz

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