“Der Mann aus dem Eis” (“Iceman”): released in Germany on 30.11.2017

(c) Port au Prince / Martin Rattini

“Der Mann aus dem Eis” (English title: “Iceman”): released in cinemas in Germany and South Tyrol on 30.11.2017

On 19th September 2016, actor Jürgen Vogel came straight from filming in the Schnalstal to attend Ötzi’s 25th “birthday celebrations” in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Now, over a year later, on 30th November 2017, the moment we have all been waiting for: “Der Mann aus dem Eis” (“Iceman”) the film in which Vogel plays the leading role, will be on show in German cinemas and exclusively, in the german speaking province of South Tyrol (Italy).

The feature film by author and director Felix Randau tells, against a backdrop of impressive nature shots, the story of Kelab, the leader of a small settlement in the Alps during the Copper Age. After his village and his loved ones were attacked he swears revenge and becomes the persecutor of a rival clan. In so doing he comes up against the existential question as to what will be achieved by his retaliation.

Neither scientific research nor archaeological investigation have so far been able to explain what exactly happened before his death, and why this man, who 5000 years later was to be named “Ötzi”, was murdered. The film “Iceman” fills in the missing pieces in the story of a dramatic event which took place on the Tisenjoch one day in early summer some 3300 years BCE.

“Der Mann aus dem Eis” (“Iceman”) was produced by Jan Krüger with the German film production company “Port au Prince” in co-production with, amongst others, South Tyrol “Echo Film” with Maja Wieser Benedetti and Andreas Pichler, and with financial support from IDM South Tyrol. The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology supported the venture during the drafting of the screenplay and gave scientific advice with regard to the set, equipment and costumes.

The film will be released in Austria on 7.12.2017, in North America in spring 2018. The date for the premiere in Italy has not yet been fixed.

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