Conservation measures for the Iceman finds

(c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Conservation Measures for the Iceman’s Associated Finds


Since 1998 the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology has preserved and displayed Ötzi’s clothing and hunting equipment: the only such examples from the Copper Age in the world. In the coming weeks, technical adjustments will be made to the display cases where the valuable items found on the Iceman are exhibited. On this occasion specialized conservator-restorers will carry out preservation measures on all Copper Age equipment.

Without limiting viewing opportunities, conservator-restorers from the Swiss National Museum will gradually work to preserve all the Iceman’s equipment in the coming weeks. This primarily involves carefully removing dust particles that have accumulated over time as well as installing new support elements.
This was preceded by a detailed study by the EURAC Institute for Mummy Studies, Bolzano on previous exhibition conditions as well as the assessment of the objects’ conditions by the conservator-restorers from Switzerland.

From November 8th the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology will close entirely for two weeks, allowing the specialists to work on the Iceman’s unique belongings continuously.
During this time the display cases in which the items are kept will be converted to a passive system. The digital monitoring system will be modernized to monitor environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

While the museum is closed, the upcoming special exhibition will also be set up and the 2nd floor of the museum will be remodeled.

Starting November 23rd, the museum will be open to the public again – with Ӧtzi’s equipment in new splendor and the special exhibition “Stone Age Connections. Mobility at Ӧtzi’s Time”.

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