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14 September, 2016

25 years of Ötzi the Iceman: The Events

Press conference on Thursday, 1 September 2016 at 10.30 am in the press room of the Regional Public Relations Office (Landespresseamt), Landhaus 1, Silvius-Magnago-Platz 1, Bolzano...
14 September, 2016

New findings on Ötzi’s equipment and clothing

In the past 25 years of research into Ötzi there have been several attempts to identify the remains of the hide, clearly reflecting the rapid development of scientific techniques in recent decades...
14 September, 2016

Presentation of an Ötzi mummy replica by paleoartist Gary Staab

Bolzano – On Wednesday 20 April 2016, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology presented a life-size replica of Ötzi’s mummified body. Museum director Angelika Fleckinger described the multi-stage process of how the...
19 September, 2016

Ötzi – a treacherous murder – with links to Central Italy

Scientists present the latest findings at an International Mummy Congress. The copper used to make Ötzi’s axe blade did not come from the Alpine region as had previously been supposed, but from ore mined in southern Tuscany.
6 July, 2017

Ötzi and Tuscany: long-distance connections in the Copper Age

Finding out about the origin of the copper was a complete surprise, as up till now archaeologists had assumed that the copper used in the Alpine region came from Alpine deposits or the Balkan region.
16 March, 2018

20 years South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology: topics and figures

March 28, 2018 The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology will celebrate his 20th anniversary. Here, you can find press information for your personal research.
28 March, 2018

5 million visitors to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

The five-member Richter family, from Lindau on Lake Constance, are the 5 millionth visitors to have purchased tickets for the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology since its opening on 28 March 1998.
28 May, 2018

Cardiovascular examination of the Iceman

Ötzi the Iceman, who was probably 46 years old when he died, had three areas of calcification in his coronary vessels.
20 June, 2018

Ötzi’s lithic raw materials from Northern Italy

Lack of fresh supplies of this all-round chert material compelled the Iceman to exploit the substance and functionality of his lithic tools to their absolute limits.
27 September, 2018

Iceman’s care and treatment

New publication about care and treatment in the Tyrolean Iceman.
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