Audioguide Apps

For security reasons, we cannot currently rent audio guide devices.

We therefore invite you to download the museum’s audio guide app (LINK) to your smartphone prior to your visit (audio guide app for adults €1.99, children’s app “Mission Ötzi” free of charge). Please don’t forget to bring your own headphones. You can buy disposable headphones in the museum.

The multimedia audio guide provides exciting information and background knowledge about the permanent exhibition “Ötzi-The Iceman”. It contains 23 audio commentary sections lasting 1-3 mins. each (45 mins. in total), images and an interactive map for easy navigation.
Available in English, in German, in Italian, in French, Russian and Spanish.

App available here:

Children at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology can use their very own audio guide. MISSION ÖTZI was specially designed for children from ages 6-10.
The children’s audio guide is available in 3 languages: English, Italian, and German. It can be downloaded free of charge as an app (for iOS and Android).

Free download:

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