Design exhibition at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology from 1st-19th August 2018

The designer and architect Achille Castiglioni was born in Milan in 1918 and the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni wants to celebrate this special anniversary by throwing him a huge party.

The foundation invited 100 designers to give an object of anonymous design as a gift to their friend Achille. Castiglioni was known for his large and original collection of objects, which he also used to learn from and take inspiration from to create new objects of his own. Some of the gifts, which come accompanied by their own greetings cards, respond 100% to Castiglioni’s style; others have put a new spin on the word ‘anonymous’; a term that is fluid and slippery but never anything less than intriguing.

The 100 gifts and a small selection of objects from the Achille Castiglioni collection, paired with some correlated industrial items – the source of inspiration – are on display at the South Tyrol Archaeological Museum. The designer and professor Kuno Prey from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano chose the Archaeological Museum to host the exhibition to offer a comparison with the group of anonymous objects that Ötzi the iceman brought with him from the prehistoric age.

The exhibition is organised by the Faculty of Design and Art – Free University of Bozen-Bolzano together with the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni and is held at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.