Bolzano-Bozen, January 21, 2020

NEW: Audio Guide for Children at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Starting immediately children at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology can use their very own audio guide. MISSION ÖTZI was specially designed for children from ages 6-10 and complements the existing offer for adults. The children’s audio guide is available in 3 languages; German, Italian, and English. It can be downloaded free of charge as an App from the Internet or borrowed in the museum for a small fee.

Elisabeth Vallazza, who is in charge of marketing and the project director, explained the initial idea for the latest product from the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology saying, “Many parents ask for a children’s audio guide and, of course, we also want children to get the most out of their visit to the museum”.

The audio guide stories were written by South Tyrolean actress, Eva Khuen, with support from museum mediator, Margit Tumler. The leading figures in the children’s guide are Tessa and Mo, two children from our time who are best friends. They will embark on an expedition into the past with the young audio guide listeners. There they will meet Ötzi and experience all kinds of adventures in his world. A friendly goat will help them find their way around Ötzi’s Stone Age village and together they will experience how the Iceman prepares for his ascent into the high mountains.

The children’s audio guide can be listened to as a continuous story in the museum; simple signs help with orientation.

The children’s audio guide app, MISSION ÖTZI, is available for iOS and Android smartphones and can be downloaded free of charge. Rental devices with headphones cost 4 euros in the museum.


Photos: audioguide for children at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology (c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

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