50-minutes-guided tour for students between the age of 11 and 13 years about Ötzi and his everyday life in Copper Age

Ötzi and his world

Guided tour – 50 minutes

for students between the age of 11 and 13 years

Topics: Circumstances of Ötzi’s discovery, mummies, clothing, weapons, hunting, diet, environment and everything you need to know to satisfy your curiosity.

Topics such as the story of Ötzi’s discovery, theories about his final few hours and various scientific findings about the artefacts open up exciting time windows. Afterwards, we’ll look at Copper Age materials, the environment, handicraft techniques, animal husbandry and hunting. We’ll roam through Ötzi’s world, placing special emphasis on the specific interests of the group.

Price: 4,00 Euro per student (2,50 Euro for the guided tour + 1,50 Euro entry fee)

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