Cold case “Ötzi” in the Netherlands

The “Ötzi” case will be reopened by children

Next stop for the touring exhibition featuring Ötzi will be in Kerkrade in the Netherlands from June 1st. The actual location will be in the “Continium discovery center” and science museum.

Younger visitors to the museum in particular are used to finding the unexpected there, as Continium specialises in hands-on exploration and experimentation . Younger and older children will approach the topic of the Iceman from a criminological point of view: a body has been found! Adopting the very best crime scene investigation techniques, they will follow in the footsteps of a forensic scientist to solve the mystery. Reporter Lex Uiting is already at the scene of the crime, and Professor Kees Koud will assist the young researchers in finding out what happened.

In the course of an exciting search for clues, young and old will find out all the amazing and interesting facts worth knowing about the Iceman. Afterwards they will have the opportunity to report back on their findings. This special exhibition with numerous replicas, models and interactive displays has been developed by Continium in collaboration with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, our partner museum in Innsbruck as well as the Criminal Investigation Department of Limburg police.

As always, the original mummified corpse of Ötzi, together with the items found with him, will remain on display in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

Hot tip for this scene-of-crime investigation

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