Archeo-holidays 2023

(c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

This was Archeoweek 2023:

This year the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology doubled its summer offer for kids: Children who are enthusiastic about archaeology were able to try out Stone Age techniques for two weeks from 21 August to 1 September.

As always, they started with the Iceman’s practical hunting gear, but this time with a special emphasis on the plants that he and people from the Copper Age used. The kids wove handy ropes and nets from plant fibers and learned about everything that can be made from birch bark. For example, you can sew round containers or boil it in air-tight conditions to make birch tar. It is the all-purpose glue of the Stone Age that Ötzi used to attach arrowheads to their shafts, among other things. To do this you first need to be able to start a fire with flint and pyrite!
The experience ended with a visit to the Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum, an archaeological site where woven fabrics have been found that were made from plant fibers such as flax.

Archeoweek 2023 (c) South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and aea_archaeology

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