Exploring THE LOUNGE

The entire third floor is given over to individual creativity and personal enrichment. THE LOUNGE is an area offering oases of peace as well as playful elements, facilitating both relaxation and reflection. Visitors spending time in THE LOUNGE, either on their own or in company, can either relax or pursue their interests and bring their visit to a close in the way which suits them best.

Intellectual, social or emotional?

Studies have shown that visitors bring along their own highly individualised approaches when they visit a museum and look at the exhibits. Whilst for some people a trip to a museum is primarily a social event, others see such places purely as opportunities for learning, while yet others care most about new emotions that they may encounter there. These three aspects are at the heart of what is on offer in THE LOUNGE. In short there are endless possibilities, but there’s no compulsion!
To guide them along, visitors can take an initial personality test which may be of help when finding their way round THE LOUNGE. Play areas, a reading corner or a puppet theater are some of the activities offered. Huge seating areas, charging stations for smartphones and tablets as well as free Wi-Fi complete what is available to visitors in THE LOUNGE.


The Lounge