50-minutes-guided tour in the special exhibition
for students between 16 and 18 years

Stone Age Connections

Guided Tour – 50 Minutes

for students from 16-18 years of age

Topics: Migration movements, trade, knowledge transfer, routes and means of transport, cultural transfers,
Historical and geographical framework: Copper Age, Spain to the Middle East

People have always been mobile. Hence mobility is not just a modern phenomenon. Exchanging goods, settling in other places, or simply moving because of curiosity or wanderlust are all part of human nature. All of this already led to migration – and therefore also innovation – during prehistory. In archaeology, mobility is only apparent when objects are left behind. Significant finds from the Alpine region help to retrace trade routes and relations from the 4th and 3rd millennium BC.

Price: 7.00 Euros per student (4.00 Euros for the guided tour + 3.00 Euro for entry)

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