Ötzi from home

Ötzi the Iceman from home


The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology will now be offering the possibility to virtually visit the Iceman using the new “Iceman Database”. Inquisitive minds can inform themselves straight from the source using more than 1,200 keywords related to the famous glacier mummy. Hardly any questions will be left unanswered (but if your question still hasn’t been answered, you can directly ask the museum and the research team).

You can quickly and easily find the answers to all kinds of questions about Ötzi right from home by viewing a simple explanation or a more in depth one for experts. Each will be available in three languages (German, Italian, and English).

Anyone who has the time and inclination can also browse keywords and scroll through a myriad of information about the Iceman. The associated sources are also shown and can be directly downloaded as long as they aren’t protected by copyright.

To the Iceman Database

Photo gallery of Ötzi and his associated finds

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