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Der Dolch

The Dagger

The 13 cm-long dagger consists of a small triangular flint blade and an ash wood handle.
The blade was inserted deep into the wooden handle and bound with animal sinews. A string was attached to a notch at the end of the handle.
The flint used for the blade came from quarries in the Lessini Mountains north of Verona, where it occurs in natural deposits. It was a coveted trade item during the late Neolithic period in central Europe due to its outstanding quality.

The dagger was kept in a triangular 12 cm-long sheath-like scabbard consisting of a mesh of tree bast sewn along the longest side with grass fibres. The opening of the sheath was reinforced with double plaiting. On one side a leather eyelet allowed the sheath to be attached to the belt, making it accessible whenever it was needed.