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Wie starb er?

How he died?

In July 2001, almost exactly ten years after the mummy came to light, our consultants, Dr. Egarter Vigl and Dr. Gostner, made an exciting discovery.

Analyzing new X-rays, they noticed a foreign body lodged in the left shoulder. Subsequent detailed investigations no longer left any doubt: it was a flint arrowhead. In all probability Ötzi died as a result of this wound. On close examination of the left side of Ötzi’s back, Eduard Egarter Vigl discovered a small skin wound. The wound opens into a narrow channel leading into the interior of the body.

Penetrating the body, the arrowhead created a 2-cm-wide hole in the left shoulder blade and ended up just a few centimetres from the lung. Vital organs were not hit, but the arrow severed a major blood vessel and damaged the neurovascular fascicles of the left arm, which must have caused heavy bleeding and possibly paralysis of the arm. The Iceman probably bled to death within a matter of minutes.

In addition, a deep unhealed wound to the hand confirm that the Iceman was involved in hand-to-hand combat hours or days before his death. A recently discovered craniocerebral trauma with major bleeding in the back of the brain along with a skull fracture, indicate a fall or attack shortly before his death.