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intro image Grass Cape, Mat or Backpack? The Hide Coat The Loincloth The Bearskin Cap The Leggings The Shoes The Belt and Pouch The Axe The Dagger The Retoucheur The Bow The Quiver and its Contents The Arrows The Backpack The Net The Birch-Bark Containers Minerals and Tools The Stone Disc Medicine?

The Iceman’s Clothing & Equipment

The Iceman find provides us with an unprecedented insight into the daily life and appearance of a Copper Age inhabitant of the Alps over 5000 years ago. Under normal conservation conditions, items of clothing and equipment made of organic materials would have disintegrated long ago. Ötzi carried an extensive and efficient kit which allowed him to remain away from home for long periods and to be self-reliant. With his tools he would have been able to repair damaged items and fashion new ones.